Yesterday was bizarre. I didn’t have hot water in the morning and I was surpringly fucked up from not having a hot shower in the morning as I’m used to. I was antsy and cranky and short-tempered all day.

After I left work I went home to hot water (thank god) and took a nice shower before I went over to Sam and Doron’s. we crusted and then went to Cooper’s. I met Erik (but didn't really get to talk to him) and Ollie and Jess, two Australian teenagers who had a Sony A7s and took wonderful photos. I liked the two aussies a lot, they were wise beyond their years. always cool to get to know some of Sam’s internet people.

it’s weird because I am one of them, but I am outside of the circle. I am an internet person, but I don’t hang out with exclusively internet people. if anything the people I hang out with are the opposite of the creatively minded people that Sam is filling his time with. and that creativity rubs off; even Doron wants to start a YouTube channel now.

it’s really high time for me to get my act together and start acting as the ringleader for this show. i know i have to do it, and i know no one else will do it (at least not for a while). the world might not be ready for what i have in mind just yet but i don’t care; i’m going to go for it anyway.


I’ve found myself spending a lot more time mindlessly scrolling lately — maybe it’s just that I’m more aware of it after writing WAYSF. stay aware of this and minimize time wasted.

i got a chin up bar over the weekend. did 15 chin ups this morning before work and i feel amazing. I also woke up early, before 8am and was out of bed by 8am. had a great morning going for me until there was no hot water, which was an unfortunate way to start my day.

not going to let that get me down, though. going to keep pushing, keep grinding, and keep my head down until i reach the success i want.


well so much for writing morning pages over the weekend. whatever. i went to a Sam's brand new studio yesterday.

it was amazing — vibes were very creative and friendly and safe and inspiring.

met up with Chris Hall and his friend Elliot (who is @dunk) on instagram (2mm followers) and works on garyvee’s team running his instagram. had a super casual conversation, it was great. i really need to work hard to get myself to be at the point where i make a stronger impression on people. i need to find the strength inside of me, embrace it, and then start distributing it to the world.


I missed my Morning Words yesterday. Not exactly the best start, but hey, I'm back now. I need to make sure to write both mornings over this weekend to lock in the habit. (future edit: I didn't lol)

Yesterday was an okay day; I spent most of my time building out an audit, comparing videos they have live on the old site with the videos live on the new one. I think the report was solid, but despite that no one has answered, which is a little weird.

Last night Sam hit me up because he was in Williamsburg and we went to a brand party for a phone screen clearer lol. it was actually a lot of fun — had some free drinks, talked to some PR people, and most excitingly, we met moot (chris poole, founder of 4chan) and had a whole conversation with him about geohot’s self driving car (which chris has rode in before).


Good morning.

I’m at work. Got here a few minutes ago, made some coffee and a bowl of cereal.

I’ve been struggling with having a “dedicated project” to work on. I feel like I do not have a long-term goal to aspire to right now, and that makes me concerned. I need to have long-term goals, I need to have something to set my sights on. Without it I’ll stay in the same position forever, which is bad. I cannot tell if the world wants that to happen to me or not.

I think I have a good avenue for growth in product and dev; not only will it be a good learning experience for me, but I think there’s a serious need for someone to fill that position going forward. People have mentioned it’d be useful if I stepped into that role more — maybe I can set up some time to discuss getting more involved.

It’s already happening, but the pace is a little slower than I’d like. Soon enough I will figure out a way to turbo-charge that.