I missed my Morning Words yesterday. Not exactly the best start, but hey, I'm back now. I need to make sure to write both mornings over this weekend to lock in the habit. (future edit: I didn't lol)

Yesterday was an okay day; I spent most of my time building out an audit, comparing videos they have live on the old site with the videos live on the new one. I think the report was solid, but despite that no one has answered, which is a little weird.

Last night Sam hit me up because he was in Williamsburg and we went to a brand party for a phone screen clearer lol. it was actually a lot of fun — had some free drinks, talked to some PR people, and most excitingly, we met moot (chris poole, founder of 4chan) and had a whole conversation with him about geohot’s self driving car (which chris has rode in before).