Good morning.

I’m at work. Got here a few minutes ago, made some coffee and a bowl of cereal.

I’ve been struggling with having a “dedicated project” to work on. I feel like I do not have a long-term goal to aspire to right now, and that makes me concerned. I need to have long-term goals, I need to have something to set my sights on. Without it I’ll stay in the same position forever, which is bad. I cannot tell if the world wants that to happen to me or not.

I think I have a good avenue for growth in product and dev; not only will it be a good learning experience for me, but I think there’s a serious need for someone to fill that position going forward. People have mentioned it’d be useful if I stepped into that role more — maybe I can set up some time to discuss getting more involved.

It’s already happening, but the pace is a little slower than I’d like. Soon enough I will figure out a way to turbo-charge that.