Yesterday was bizarre. I didn’t have hot water in the morning and I was surpringly fucked up from not having a hot shower in the morning as I’m used to. I was antsy and cranky and short-tempered all day.

After I left work I went home to hot water (thank god) and took a nice shower before I went over to Sam and Doron’s. we crusted and then went to Cooper’s. I met Erik (but didn't really get to talk to him) and Ollie and Jess, two Australian teenagers who had a Sony A7s and took wonderful photos. I liked the two aussies a lot, they were wise beyond their years. always cool to get to know some of Sam’s internet people.

it’s weird because I am one of them, but I am outside of the circle. I am an internet person, but I don’t hang out with exclusively internet people. if anything the people I hang out with are the opposite of the creatively minded people that Sam is filling his time with. and that creativity rubs off; even Doron wants to start a YouTube channel now.

it’s really high time for me to get my act together and start acting as the ringleader for this show. i know i have to do it, and i know no one else will do it (at least not for a while). the world might not be ready for what i have in mind just yet but i don’t care; i’m going to go for it anyway.