version 0.1 — last updated 14 February 2017


== anything that can be “clicked”. a video, text article, photo gallery, anything that will act as a single book in a multimedia library of entertainment and distraction.

Branded Content == content that is paid either in part or in full by a 3rd party “brand” to advertise to 1st party brand’s “audience”

  • supported == no creative input from brand w/ source branding
  • partnered == creative input from brand w/ source branding
  • white label == brand has creative input, no source branding

related content == content A shares or has commonly associated “metadata” with content B


== information describing any type of content. type (video, text, photo), size (length, word count), topics (tags / keywords), production roles (writer, director, producer), summaries or descriptions, etc.


== a human being (or sophisticated robot) who will watch a video, read an article, look at a photo gallery, and otherwise use the site

  • unique users == individual human beings (or sophisticated robots) who have consumed any one or all content

  • DAU == daily active users
  • MAU == monthly active users



site == the preferred final destination for all “traffic”; ex.

click == when a “user” takes action on a “link” to visit another piece of content

link == hyperlink between content. you better know this one already, dude.

referrer == source of “traffic”

traffic == how many “users” there are visiting any one or all pieces of content

time spent == how much time a user spends consuming any one or all content

KPI == key performance indicator; a metric that executives decide is important