Hello, world: a celebration of the Rutgers tech community 

A months-long report by myself and Nis Frome chronicling the birth of the vibrant tech scene at Rutgers. We interviewed students, alumni, and professors in an effort to document the birth of the University's prolific and bustling community of student hackers, developers, and programmers. A special print issue of The Daily Targum featuring the story in an eight-page wrapreadable online here, was published just in time for HackRU, the biannual hackathon held at Rutgers.

Software is Eating Rutgers

I wrote and narrated ‘Software is Eating Rutgers’, a short documentary about three projects that resulted from the people and community profiled in the 'Hello, World' report. This was a hugely entertaining story — I discovered a great community at Rutgers and made tons of friends along the way. Special thanks to Sam Agnew & the HackRU team, Mike Swift, Nis Frome, Daniel Borowski, and RuMAD. Huge props to Marielle Sumergido for filming and editing.

The documentary 'Software is Eating Rutgers', originally screened at HackRU Spring 2014, is embedded below for your viewing pleasure. 

‘Tech Tuesday'

A weekly column published in-print and online in The Daily Targum

I co-wrote/edited the column with Nis Frome from September 2013-May 2014; from September 2014-May 2015 I was the lead writer/editor.


2014-2015 SCHOOL YEAR (Last updated 10 March 2015):

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Students to receive unlimited storage for Google Drive

RIP Facebook: network's glory days are history (editorial)

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Apple to launch bigger iPhones on Sept. 19, smartwatch in early 2015

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