The Verge

I worked as an intern for The Verge from July 2011 until May 2014. 

Eating delicious 3D candy printed by a ChefJet

I ate the world’s first 3D printed candy, which came in a variety of shapes and colors and tasted like the marshmallows in Lucky Charms cereal. I also took photos of the crazy shapes and lattices the Chefjet could build.

Sprint launches new ‘Framily’ plans that let you and your friends team up to save money on your bill

During the heat of CES 2014, I broke the news of Sprint’s oddly named “Framily” Plans, which lets you add friends to your family phone plan (get it?) but still bills everyone separately. Sprint ended up throwing some heavy advertising muscle at it. 

Fugoo’s modular Bluetooth speakers go from stylish to indestructible just by swapping cases

At CES 2014, Fugoo introduced its new line of rugged, water-resistant Bluetooth speakers: the Style, Sport, and Tough. Sure, they sound good, but what's interesting is their two-part design made of an inner "core" — the actual speaker — and a swappable, durable outer "jacket" to protect it. 

DARPA program hides care packages at the bottom of the ocean floor

Will Jacob J. Lew’s illegible signature make it to the dollar bill?

Pocket launches new Mac app for cross-platform sharing and offline reading

Good Deal: Galaxy Nexus for Verizon is free on contract from Best Buy

Good Deal: free Xbox 360 and $14.99 Windows 8 upgrade for college students who buy a new PC

Dolphin Browser HD gets faster with backend improvements (hands-on)

iPad Smart Case hands-on

Good Deal: Instapaper is Starbucks’ free app of the week

Comparing the tech world to the Kardashians: an experiment in online popularity

Blake Griffin slam dunk highlights: ’NBA Jam’ style

Google’s head of web spam team broadly outlines how its search works

Google Goggles updated to version 1.8 with refinements to continuous scanning mode

Are memes art?

‘Temple Run’ not yet available for Droid RAZR or Bionic

Firefox 11 unoffically available for download a day ahead of release (Update: not technically final)

Apple releases EFI firmware update for 2011 Macs

Sony views 3G on PS Vita as futureproofing

8-bit Prince of Persia takes on the real world

Angry Birds Space to be Rovio’s biggest launch since original game, available March 22nd

The products of CES 2012 day 2: Wikipad:3D, Sony NEX-FS100, and more!

Samsung announces Wi-Fi IP SmartCam at CES 2012